Komatsu Forklifts……A Golden Fleet For Oxiana

Oxiana is a successful, growing company which owns and operates the Sepon gold and copper mines in Laos and the Golden Grove base and precious metals operation in WA. Golden Grove is located approximately 450 kilometres northeast of Perth and 280 kilometres east of Geraldton in Western Australia employing over 800 staff and contractors.

In 2007 mill throughput for the year reached record levels producing 131,954t of zinc, 15,404t of copper, 48,807oz of gold, 3,165,408oz silver and 8,119t of lead. With such an increase in production, efficiencies became a major focus for operations at Golden Grove.


Red Australia took part in a tender price application for Oxiana along with 5 other material handling companies. Securing the deal, Red Australia supplied Oxiana with 1.5 tonne electric for internal warehouse applications avoiding emissions from combustible forklifts, 2.5 tonne diesel used for all small applications and small rack locations, 5.0 tonne diesel fitted with air conditioning cabin for unloading and back loading freight and for general forklift deliveries around the site and a 13.5 tonne diesel for all large applications such as handling scrap bins, long items and other general heavy lifts.


The tender however was not won on physical price. According to Supply Purchasing & Supply Superintendent, Brendon Kelly, the international mining and exploration company decided that “Red Australia offered the best value for money and most importantly the team who operates the forklifts agreed to move forward with Red Australia.”

Decisions were based on the practicality and operators’ safety of the Komatsu forklifts such as floating cabs and the egress of the forklifts with functionality and lead time being major factors. In addition to the unit’s capabilities, Red Australia’s 4 year/4000 hour warranty and favorable service opportunities were also an advantage point.


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