Kockums gives valve distributor a boost

Zetco is a national valve distributor that has been sourcing products from Italy for more than 40 years.

The company is committed to product innovation, high levels of safety in operations, and achieving the best levels of productivity.

Eighteen months ago Zetco contracted Kockums Bulk Systems to supply Tawi vacuumassisted lifting systems for improved handling of boxes and cartons of valves.

Zetco was aware of the need to improve handling operations when a shipping container arrived into the warehouse for unloading. The main purpose was to minimise the dangers during the manual lifting of these boxes, and to improve productivity.

Typically, when a container is unloaded, the packing list needs to be checked to confirm
model and part numbers.

There are generally 20 pallets in the container, each holding 30 boxes, and each box weighing an average of about 26kg.

For this purpose a Tawi system was installed at the unloading location to move the boxes from the pallet. The vacuum-assisted lifting system offers great ease when picking a carton and relocating it quickly, without any physical effort.
Wall mounted Tawi unit at dispatch

Introduction of the Tawi system resulted in a dramatic improvement in productivity. Previously it had taken two staff two days to achieve the task. Now, one person can complete the same job in about a day.

The contrast in staff attitude is also uplifting.

Employees now seek the task, instead of being “busy” on other work when they were
faced with the laborious manual system.

As well as improving staff safety, Warehouse Manager Steve McAndrew says the new system guaranteed that urgent product requests could be delivered the day the container arrived – a general improvement of two days.

The new system is also used to repack valves into Zetco boxes, before being stacked on a pallet.

For this application a 40kg lift model was used with a 5m swing arm.

And another system was installed at the dispatch location.

The recently introduced Cobra model suits these applications best, allowing high speed grab and movement.

The operator is able to automatically control the Cobra balance, which is ideal when there are differing masses to lift.

And Crown Wave machines at the facility have replaced ladders.

Zetco is a prime example of how a health and safety upgrade can deliver significant productivity increases.

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