Kockums gives Aussie manufacturer a boost


Hume Doors and Timber are a significant Australian manufacturer, with facilities in every mainland state and also in NZ.

Established more than 50 years ago they are the largest door manufacturer in Australia.

Hume Doors and Timber are proudly 100 per cent Australian owned, with more than 800 employees.

Strong in-house OHS policies have ensured the protection of their workers. In the best
interests of worker safety and efficiency Hume Doors have installed the latest high tech
computer controlled machinery.

About eight years ago the company introduced vacuum assisted lifting systems from industry leader Kockums Bulk Systems to take the manual effort out of handling doors and components, says Eddie Luke, GM of the Lansvale plant in NSW.

“These systems have saved many back injuries, he says.

“Kockums Bulk Systems have supplied a number of vacuum assisted lifting systems to Hume Doors, and adapted designs to suit their particular needs.”

The system is designed for moving doors after processing to a stacking operation.

This system has been especially adapted to give a clear access way for people and fork trucks.

Kockums design team supplied a TAWI outrigger system, supporting the whole system from inside columns beside the factory wall. A vacuum pump is located beside the wall.

This quality materials handling equipment has resulted in significant productivity gains and safety improvements.

Kockums Bulk Systems Group
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