King Pallet Inverters Take Off

King Materials Handling is experiencing a surge in orders for Pallet Inverters.

It seems their unique design which does NOT use hydraulics, is a big hit with companies, wanting to disassociate themselves with anything to do with leaking hoses, joints, seals and puddles of slippery oil on the floor. Not to mention potential contamination of foodstuffs or general goods.

Word is out, that the King Pallet Inverter has proven to be a very reliable product, with call outs for the past 3 years down to a very respectable NIL.

The current trend to skimp on materials, and to use the least costly drive chain, has been ignored by King. Proudly proclaiming the use of SEW motors, gearboxes and ancilliary drive componentry. King also uses high precision turntables from Italy, specially engineered gears from a specialist producer in Victoria, over engineered box section steel from Australia, and highly qualified Design and Mechanical Engineers to bring the whole package together.

Electronics are by one of the country’s leading programmers of systems for energy conservation and eco power generation.

Many inverters are imported into Australia, and although they can offer many different models, King has taken the approach that their one size will fit most customers requirements, which means that if your requirements change over time, there should be no need to purchase a different machine.

The King Pallet Inverter has an opening range from 750mm to 2100mm and a capacity of 1500 Kgs. All Inverters are load tested to over 2 tonnes to ensure that the componentry and fabrication can withstand any additional strains.

We are therefore talking about a quality product for which you would think would cost twice as much as others inverters in the market. Not so! This equipment is actually very competitive. So much so that King has been forced to design this latest range – Mark 3, to fit two into a 20’ container, so that it can be exported and is ready to go as soon as it is removed, due to the extent of overseas enquiries.

With all of the options you would expect such as light curtains, mesh enclosures, remote control, etc. King can furnish you with just the Inverter or a full turnkey package.

Contact King Materials Handling on 03 9720 7181 or through the web site at