King pallet inverters rule

Victoria-based King Materials Handling is experiencing a surge in orders for Pallet Inverters.

The unique design which does not use hydraulics, is a big hit with companies wanting to avoid leaking hoses, joints, seals and puddles of slippery oil on the floor.

Not to mention potential contamination of foodstuffs or general goods.

The King Pallet Inverter has established a well-earned reputation for reliability, with nil call-outs over the past three years. King has ignored the current trend to skimp on materials, and to use the least costly drive chain.

The company uses high quality SEW motors, gearboxes and ancillary drive components.

Add to that high precision turntables from Italy, specially engineered gears from a specialist producer in Victoria, over engineered box section steel from Australia, and highly qualified design and mechanical engineers for an unbeatable package.

The King Pallet Inverter has an opening range from 750mm to 2100mm and a
capacity of 1500kg.

All Inverters are load tested to over 2 tonnes to ensure that the componentry and fabrication can withstand any additional strains.

The equipment is competitively priced with a range of options including light curtains,
mesh enclosures and remote control.

King’s latest range (Mark 3) fits into a 20’ container for export.

King can supply just the Inverter or a full turnkey package.

King Materials Handling
Ph: 03 9720 7181