King-Air Pallet Dispenser

King Materials Handling has introduced the King-Air pallet dispenser - an easy to use, simple in design and function and tough enough to withstand any wayward forklift. Two models are on offer - 12 pallet or 18 pallet.

The King-Air’s angled and completely open entrance enables pallets to be guided into position, using a hand pallet truck, powered pallet truck or forklift. The pallet stack can be topped up by forklift at any time, without the need to clear obstructions from the entrance.

To dispense a single pallet, the lever to up can be simply pushed and the stack is raised from the second pallet, enabling the bottom pallet to be pulled out.

Push the lever to down and the stack slowly sinks and the pallet fingers retract back into the two side panels, where they are raised and poised ready to go into action at any time.

Shop air is all that is required to work this dispenser. No cables or electrics are needed.

A pressure gauge/water separator is fitted on the King-Air. Top lift bars enable it to be placed anywhere by forklift, then just bolt down and it is ready to go.