Keystone unveils its latest product range


Keystone Electronics Corp, a major manufacturer of electronic interconnects and hardware, has released a new supplement with more than 125 new products.

The color supplement is designed for use with the latest technologies for SMT or THM applications.

The supplement features an expanded selection of battery hardware, including contacts, clips, holders and retainers for coin cell and button cells batteries.

It also features new, multi¬use fuse holders and clips for mini and standard auto blade fuses, top quality, insulated terminals, pins and jacks with PTFE bushings and insulators, standard-USB, micro-USB, mini-USB Type A and B plugs and sockets for both SMT and THM mounting in USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 configurations.

Complete with engineering drawings, mounting details, product specifications and color photographs, the new supplement supports Keystone’s full line M55 catalogue which covers its extensive line of interconnect components and hardware.

Keystone, a US-based company, has offices in Canada, Europe, Australia and Asia.

Ph: 08 8268 2733