The key to living soils – N-Fix Soil Nutrient

N-FIX Soil Nutrient Concentrate is designed to rectify the damage sustained by our soils with the introduction of modern chemicals and practices. It acts as a key that immediately releases the nutrients stored in microbial biomass for plant use by:

  • increasing the soil’s ability to convert nitrogen-fixing bacteria within the soil into readily available plant food
  • providing a strong protozoa, bacterial and fungal food source
  • increasing total and active bacterial and fungal biomass
  • improving protozoa numbers

N-Fix Soil Nutrient Concentrate is guaranteed to restore your soil and water quality, while conserving the use of fertilizer and water resources. N-Fix is not like seaweed and humic acid based mixtures, which are fungal food only, or worm/bacterial extracts, which act as inoculants, so providing bacterial food only. On their own, these products tend to lock up the nutrients in the soil, just like so many artificial fertilizers. N-Fix Soil Nutrient Concentrate stands alone as a strong protozoan, fungal and bacterial food source, and as such acts as a catalyst for many of these products by providing the key that immediately releases the nutrients stored in the microbial biomass for strong plant growth and yield. N-Fix re-establishes the soil’s organic cycle and provides a living aerobic (air breathing) soil.

Easy and safe to apply, N-FIX Soil Nutrient Concentrate is highly fermented and concentrated and is beneficial in restoring soil and plant health; as a seed-dressing inoculant; for transplanting, establishing and maintaining landscaped areas, trees and turf; and for achieving maximum return on yield for horticulture and broadacre users. It is manufactured in Australia and is available in 1, 5, 20, 200 and 1,000 litre containers.

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