Kelba Crane Scale

Press Relase: Kelba Crane Scale

Date: 6th February 2008

Kelba, the trusted name in industrial weighing, load Cells and general weighing accessories in Australasia.

Is pleased to introduce it’s new range of industrial quality crane scales. It offers users accurate weighing, eliminating the time consuming double handling process of using a normal floor-mount scale when needing to weighing products or goods generally in a tension or lifting application.

The Kelba Crane scale has been engineered for industrial applications.  The outer housing is a heavy duty Aluminium housing which provides good durability and protection to the crane scale.  The standard LCD display is very easy to read in direct sun light and indoors with the backlighting display. Power is supplied via an internal rechargeable battery, with a 60 hour minimum battery life with continuous working when used with the LCD display in back lighting mode or up to 150 hours with out the back lighting function.   The crane scale has an Auto shut function to save on power and good dynamic weighing performance, not subjected to the influence of swaying.  You are also able to switch the display from kg’s to Lb’s, should you need.  There are 4 different capacities to choose from as follows.

1 ton capacity x 0.5kg increments

3 ton capacity x 1kg increments

5 ton capacity x 2kg increments

10 ton capacity x 5kg increments

The 3kg, 5kg & 10kg models can be supplied with a remote 4 inch wireless display allowing the user to able to see the weight on the crane scale when used within 200 meters transmission distance of each other.  Ideally used when the operator will not be able to see clearly the crane scales display.  This must be ordered at the time of ordering the crane scale.

All units have a safe overload rated capacity of 120% maximum.

It is very important to note that under no circumstances should you over load the crane scale beyond its rated capacity.

For more information please contact Kelba for your nearest dealer.

Phone: + 61 2 9476 4544
Fax: + 61 2 9477 7974