Kelba bench scales are weigh ahead of the rest

Kelba’s KH SS series bench scales are an ideal choice for any wet area weighing application – from food preparation, medical and check weighing.

Kelba KH SS scales are supplied with internal AC mounted adaptor and internal rechargeable battery power with power level indication for true portability and 304 grade stainless steel body and platter.

With front and rear six digit 13mm LED displays it can weigh in both kilos and pounds and is IP67 rated.

The three visual Over, Accept and Under LED lights also make this ideal for many check weighing applications in wet areas.

Kelba’s KHSS stainless steel series portable bench scales come in four different capacities: 3kg x 1g, 6kg x 2g, 15kg x 5g and 30kg x 10g.

The Kelba KHSS series of scales are manufactured using 304 grade stainless steel outer body and plater.

The scale comes standard with dual 13mm LED display’s front and rear for easy viewing.

Other features include:

  • A simple four button operation
  • Off/On-Zero / Set & Tare
  • Basic counting function
  • Full tare range
  • Height adjustable feet
  • Level bubble to ensure accurate readings

Also, the scale can be set up for low, mid and high check weighing VIA three LED warning lights.

The overall maximum height of the scale is only 110mm making its low profile easy to use and store.

The KH SS series bench scales are ideal for wet weighing, food weighing, check weighing, product ingredients, small freight/postage weighing applications or anywhere a high quality stainless steel scale is required.

Kelba (Australia) is one of the most trusted names in load cells and industrial weighing in Australia.

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