It pays to read the label first


The information on a label is the most relied upon product information consumers have
when making a purchase.

Let’s face it, for the majority of products consumers don’t do a lot of prior research before purchasing.

It is not surprising then that a Roy Morgan survey, conducted in July 2009, found that
82 per cent of Australians look to the product label to find out whether something is Australian made.

Over two-in-five Australians spontaneously (without being prompted) said they specifically look for the Australian Made or Australian Grown (AMAG) logo on products to see whether the product they are buying has been made in Australia.

When it comes to trusting a product’s source, 85 per cent of consumers said they
trust the AMAG logo more than other country of origin identifiers such as flags,
maps and pictures of animals, and even the words Made in Australia.

These findings reveal that the Australian Made, Australian Grown (AMAG) Campaign
is achieving one of its main objectives: to give consumers a logo they can trust which backed by the legal framework of the Trade Practice Act, identifies genuine Australian
products. Another objective is that it does this at a cost businesses can afford – and
it certainly succeeds here too.

Of course, it goes without saying that companies need to place the AMAG logo in a prominent position on their labelling because over eight-in-ten Australians are relying on the label for this information.

Of the 1802 respondents in the same survey, 65 per cent said they go out of
their way to buy Australian made or grown products whenever possible or often.

It stands to reason that if you haven’t got the most trusted product symbol of Australia, the AMAG logo, on your product, you are not helping consumers exercise their preference for Australian products.

For registration enquiries about using the Australian Made logo contact AMAG.

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