It pays to control workplace waste

Waste control in workshops is often overlooked as a major cost to business.

With labour and cutting fluid costs on the rise, it is vital for industry to have viable solutions in place for processing scrap metal.

The Swarf Crusher Cyclone by KD Binnie is the perfect solution – saving time, money and the environment.

The main advantages of using the Swarf Crusher Cyclone include:

  • High savings in labour costs
  • Material compacted into billets is worth up to three times more than shavings or chips
  • Cutting fluids are re-covered and re-used
  • More workshop or yard space because a large scrap bin is not needed
  • Metal billets because of their size can be kept indoors to prevent rusting and oxidisation
  • Smaller trucks are able to pick up scrap for metal merchants
  • Cutting oils and metals are re-cycled
  • There is less burning of the material when re-melting (this produces a higher reclaim of material than shaving or chips)
  • No more leaching of cutting oils down drains from scrap bins
  • Up to a 70 per cent reduction in volume of scrap can be achieved leading to less road transport

KD Binnie Engineering designs and builds machinery that is safe and efficient to use, for small or medium sized businesses.

KD Binnie machines are operator friendly and are built for fast tooling changeovers and reliable performance.

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