It’s time to throw away your mop and bucket

Tennant Company has joined forces with US-based Ecolab to launch the new Scrub-N-Go Floor Scrubber Vac System.

Scrub-N-Go cleans floors up to 63 per cent faster and more thoroughly than using a traditional mop-and-bucket.

It’s ideal for quick service restaurants where hygiene and customer and employee safety is a priority.

Floors cleaned using Scrub-N-Go dry faster, which should greatly reduce the risk of slip-and-fall accidents.

The Scrub-N-Go Scrubber Vac System is cordless, ergonomic, easy-to-operate and uses powerful Ecolab products to dissolve dirt and grease on hard surface tile flooring.

The machine dispenses fresh Ecolab cleaning solution continually while its brushes remove embedded grime from floor tile and grout lines. The cleaning solution along with dissolved soil is then immediately vacuumed, preventing it from being re-deposited, and leaves the floor nearly dry.

Scrub-N-Go cleans in both directions, has a zero turn-radius for cleaning in tight areas and an adjustable handle to clean under tables and chairs.

Tennant Company
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