Irwin locking pliers – twice as fast and built to last

Irwin Industrial Tools has released its latest fast release Iocking plier which delivers 2X faster release, eliminates the potential for pinching and provides more finger room for large hands and professionals who wear gloves.

The Irwin Vise-Grip Fast Release Locking Tool offers the strength and durability of The Original and the performance and advantage of a release that is 2X easier to open.

It unlocks from any angle without needing to press a trigger, making it ideal for professionals who work in tight spaces and those who are constantly locking and releasing the tool.

Fast-Release was introduced about 18 months ago with a select range of just three sku’s.

Due to their increasing popularity the range has been expanded to include locking C-clamps, straight jaw models, new sizes of curved jaw and long nose as well as some new sets.

Irwin Vise-Grip has been known for generations for its strength and durability.

Irwin Industrial Tools
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