IREX gas detector world class


Crowcon’s innovative new IREX Infrared (IR) pellistor-replacement flammable gas detector, is designed to replace pellistor (catalytic bead) type flammable gas detectors.

This innovative new system, from K.D.Fisher, has resulted in faster response times and
greatly reduced zero drift.

IREX is capable of detecting methane, butane, propane and many other hydrocarbons.

It is specifically designed for applications such as offshore platforms, refineries, gas storage and distribution networks, sewage treatment plants and certain manufacturing processes (such as aerosol production).

Pellistor and some other IR type gas detectors are fitted with sinters (flame arrestors) to achieve Exd flameproof certification. Sinters slow response times significantly and can become blocked by contaminants, a frequently underestimated problem. Because IREX does not use sinters it has an extremely fast T90 response time of less than four seconds – comparable with the most expensive conventional IR gas detectors. Excellent zero stability is also achieved, with none of the drift issue associated with pellistors and cables.

IREX is designed to provide over 10 years reliable field operation, and as there are no sensors which need replacing and because routine testing requirements are minimised, operating costs during its entire lifetime are minimal. The detector produces a mV Wheatstone Bridge type signal (identical to a pellistor) and operates from as little as 2.9Vdc.

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