IP goes to even greater lengths – again

Integrated Packaging, the stretch film specialists have recently launched Ex-Cell B6, a cutting edge film that is greener, lighter and longer than any other on the market.

Ex-Cell B6 is co-extruded, is only 6 microns and has been designed to go to even greater lengths to wrap more pallets.

It’s an ultra thin film that allows users to easily achieve maximum load holding, greater cost savings plus reduce plastic in the waste stream.

The lightest hand rolls on the market, Ex-Cell B6 is safer and easier to handle. It features roll lengths up to 1km, the longest rolls ever produced. Superlight 500m rolls are also available.

Ex-Cell B6 will also be available on recycled plastic cores produced by Integrated Recycling in Mildura, in northwestern Victoria.

The recycled plastic cores are manufactured using post consumer PE waste and will replace cardboard cores. The use of recycled plastic cores with the thinnest stretch film ever produced make this a very environmentally friendly alternative to other stretch films.

The original Ex-Cell, is a premium pre-stretch blown film that maximises wrapping performance by using less film while improving the strength characteristics of conventional film. New developments have allowed IP to go to the next step with Ex-Cell B6.

“We have been working on producing a 6 micron hand film for a couple of years and now with improvements in resin technology and advancements in production we have achieved another world first,” says Rob Archibald, GM Sales & Marketing.

“Who would have thought we could produce a hand film 1km in length and still only 2.48kg of film per roll,” he added.

Ex-Cell B6 is available from Integrated Packaging, Australia’s largest manufacturing specialist of stretch film wrap, stretch wrapping equipment and industrial packaging solutions.

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