Intelligent Lift Assist Device

G-Force Lifting Device

The G-Force is part of a new family of Materials Handling equipment known as Intelligent Assist Devices (IAD). The G-Force uses patented technology and an industrial processor controlled servo drive system to deliver unmatched lifting precision and speed. The units enable operators to lift and manoeuvre naturally, as if the device were an extension of their own arm.

The G-Force will help improve productivity, reduce the cost of product damage, and minimise work-related injuries. For high value products that require rapid, repetitive movement the G-Force is the safest and most productive lifting device available as it gives the responsiveness and flexibility of a human operator plus the power of a machine. It incorporates a range of speeds so it is perfect for quick, repetitive motions and slow, precise placements.

G-Force is easily integrated with end effectors such as:

  • Vacuum tooling
  • Fixed or mechanical tooling
  • Electrical, magnetic or pneumatic tooling.

This series comes in capacities of 70 kg and 140 kg.