Insulated Roller Shutter Doors

A new addition to the range by DMF, is the Insulated Roller Shutter door. This is essentially an automated roller shutter type door, but using an insulated slat (or lath) so as to provide a higher level of insulation to what a standard meatl roller shutter door of high speed PVC door can provide.

With either a foamed PU or special option of PIR filling, the slats can be up to 20mm thick, and with an operational speed of about 200mm/sec, this is a welcome alternative to the sliding doors for coolrooms.

Activation can be by pushbuttons, remote control, or other forms, and the door is driven by a tubular motor meaning that side room requirements are minimised.

This model is not a high speed door, and so if if this feature is required, contact DMF for more information on Efaflex doors.

For more information, please contact DMF International, at