Innovative special suction pads for sheet metal

New sheet-metal suction pads with optimised frictional force and modular design


The existing series of "special suction pads for sheet metal" are characterised, in particular, by their high horizontal and vertical holding forces. These Schmalz suction pads are particularly suitable for handling thin-walled and easily damaged work-pieces.


With new and innovative ideas, Schmalz has now succeeded in making these suction pads even better!


Special suction pads for sheet metal SAFT-C/SABT-C

Highlights and benefits:


- Two different materials > better holding forces and a longer lifetime


The new suction pads are made from two different elastomer components.

While the sealing lip of the suction pad is still made from NBR, the inner support (friction disc) is now made from the more hard-wearing material X-NBR. This results in a longer operational lifetime and an optimised friction force!


Modular design > environmental protection


The new suction pads have a modular design: the suction pad and its mounting are    connected together flexibly, which means that the mounting can be re-used.


Simple mounting > screwing saves time


The nipples are simply screwed into the bottom of the tooling.




·      Suction cup specially developed for Toyota.

·      Toyota – the world biggest automotive producer – uses its own tooling. The new suction cups are specially developed for this tooling. They can be used from automotive manufacturers who use the "Toyota tooling"  world wide.

·      Handling of sheets with very dynamic movements (shorter cycle times).

·      Inner support permits handling of thin steel sheets and aluminium sheets without deformation.

·      For use e.g. in feeder systems for press lines.




·      Flat suction pad SAFT-C; diameters 60 and 80 mm

Bellows suction pad SABT-C with 1.5 corrugations: diameters 60 and 80 mm

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