Innovative range of Swiss welding equipment on display

Techspan Group will feature its new range of innovative plastic welding tools and equipment from Switzerland at NMW.

The range includes hand-held and automatic hot air welders, wedge welders, and extruder welders, designed for optimal performance under extreme conditions.

Techspan hot air welding tools are designed for fabrication and repair of rigid plastics up to 8mm thick, and for welding flexible fabrics and films.

Integrated electronic temperature control allows virtually all types of thermoplastics to be welded.

Techspan extrusion welders are designed for welding PE and PP, and several models are also able to weld PVDF and PVC materials.

The Techspan wedge welders will overlap-weld liners efficiently and reliably at high speeds, up to 5m/minute.

Techspan Group has also released a complete new range of Industrial hot air units and blowers, for integration into machinery and systems for process heating applications. The incorporate innovative features such as advanced plug-in ceramic heating systems,
integrated electronic temperature control, and the use of high technology materials.

The new range of Techspan plastic welding systems includes limited twoyear warranty and free instructional DVD with every purchase.

Techspan Group
Ph: 1800 148 791