Innovative new turf product withstands toughest treatment.

Orara Turf grows and supplies turf products for the local retail market and commercial applications nationally. They have recently purchased a Caterpillar 287C AC Multi Terrain Loader and a 305C Excavator plus a number of Cat attachments from WesTrac in Grafton to install their latest new product; one of the most innovative turf products in the world.

Called LokTurf, it is a turf product with polypropylene fibre blended into the growing medium to achieve increased loading capacity. Bill Wilson, Managing Director of Orara Turf says they replaced the playing surface of the South Sydney Rabbitohs stadium last November, the goal squares of the Richmond Football Club’s ground at Punt Road in Melbourne in January and in February the high traffic areas at Taronga Park Zoo.

Bill says he is very pleased with the Cat machine. “Initially we looked at a competitive machine, but my preference had always been Cat. I see a little bit of similarity with ourselves and Cat. With Cat you know for the price you pay you’re getting a quality product and one backed-up with support and parts. We have competitors who base their philosophy on cutting prices and undercutting the market. From day one we have always based our business on quality. 

Work Tools purchased with the two new machines, include a six way blade, forks, power box rake, extra large bucket, and laser. They provide exceptional flexibility for Orara to undertake the complete range of work, from site preparation for soil based council fields and commercial areas, to housing developments and laser control for sub base and profile placement on sporting surfaces.