Innovative new technology to streamline CNC cutting

PCS saves time and improves consistency

In a continuing effort to integrate the latest technology into profile cutting equipment,
Profile Cutting Systems (PCS) has developed techniques to simplify the operation of CNC cutting machines.

The result is reduced time and improved consistency in the end product.

Since the introduction of PC based control, PCS can now develop and extend software
applications and ultimately arrive at an all-in-one operator console.

PCS have recently developed custom application programs, or “apps” to integrate and control separate functions within a profile cutting machine.

Via a touch of the screen the operator can access apps to alter the automatic torch height control system, gas cutting flame or fume extraction system.

The automatic height control app displays an interface that gives the operator access to
the Smart Height Sensing system used on PCS plasma cutting machines.

This eliminates the need for a separate screen usually located underneath the machine’s controller. Additionally, the app displays information on how to use the smart height sensing system, creating a user-friendly environment for trainee operators.

Plasma CNC cutting machines have taken a major leap in recent years, with new technologies that help automate the cutting process.

For many years, however, the operation of gas CNC cutting machines has remained
largely unchanged.

There is still a considerable element of operator skill involved to achieve a repeatable
cut quality.

The operator of a gas-cutting machine is required to learn many sub-systems on the one machine, in particular – flame adjustment.

The optional flame adjustment app on PCS gas cutting machines allows the operator to
select torches and adjust their flame by sliding a scroll-bar on the controller’s touch screen or entering in numeric values for gas pressure and temperature.

This eliminates the need for the operator having to manually adjust the regulators on
the machine’s gas manifold.

The app also allows the operator to pre-set and save settings allowing for repeatable gas settings at any time via the push of a button.

Once set, the controller communicates to electro-pneumatic proportional valves in a closed circuit configuration to obtain the desired flame.

Efficiency, cost effectiveness and the environment are the three most significant
considerations when it comes to removing fumes produced as a by-product of plasma cutting.

One method in particular that ticks all the boxes, is vacuum extraction with particle
filtration. PCS has been promoting this method for many years with much success. Their latest adaptation to this method is SFE – Smart Fume Extraction. The SFE system utilises an app on the controller that constantly monitors the position of the cutting torch and activates extraction doors on the cutting table accordingly.

The app activates anywhere between two and four doors for a given duration at any one
time, continually ensuring maximum efficiency at all times. The app also has an interface where the operator can view real-time system functionality and easily customise the system setup if need be.

Depending on the length and configuration of the cutting table, the controller communicates to a series of pneumatic manifolds via a DeviceNet network (thereby keeping the wiring of the system to an absolute minimum), or via I/O modules.

Each manifold contains a number of electropneumatic valves that activate pneumatic
cylinders connected to the extraction doors.

The key benefits to an all-in-one operator console are reduced training time, improved
operator consistency, reduced time and reduced overall machine cost due to eliminating the need for additional hardware.

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