Innovative new firewall

Belden has launched a new version of its Hirschmann EAGLE 20 Tofino industrial network security system.

EAGLE 20 protects networks using OPC Classic, the world’s most widely used industrial
integration protocol.

Developed for Hirschmann by Byres Security Inc., version 1.6.0 of the EAGLE 20 Tofino OPC Enforcer locks down any system using the widely installed OPC Classic protocol, providing superior security over what can be achieved with conventional firewall solutions.

The result is improved network reliability and security for the process control and SCADA industries.

OPC Classic is widely used in control systems as an interoperability solution, interfacing control applications from multiple vendors.

But the technologies underlying it were designed before network security issues were widely understood.

As a result, OPC Classic has been almost impossible to secure until this solution was introduced.

The system is now available in Australia from Belden.

Ph: 03 9803 2588