Innovative ‘green’ motor and drive technology

Baldor sets new performance standards

By eliminating high maintenance, energy wasteful and noise producing components such as the gearbox, couplings and drive shaft generally used in cooling tower fan drives, Baldor’s innovative direct drive technology is setting new standards of performance for cooling tower designs.

The Baldor RPM AC Cooling Tower Direct Drive Motor is designed exclusively for the cooling tower industry, and is ideal for new and retrofit applications.

This innovative technology uses the power-dense, laminated frame Baldor RPM AC motor and combines it with high performance, internal permanent magnet salient pole rotor designs.

The proprietary Permanent Magnet Rotor (PMR) design using high-flux magnets allows the motor to be manufactured in a compact form, similar to the gearbox it replaces, and allows the fan blades to be mounted directly on the motor shaft.

The system operates as a synchronous machine that runs at precise speeds, without slip, in combination with a Baldor Permanent Magnet Cooling Tower Drive.

Combining this high torque industrial motor, with Baldor’s VS1CTD adjustable frequency drive, results in a system that is easy to install, quiet, durable, low maintenance and is also likely to lead to typical energy savings of about 13 per cent over conventional designs.

The drive uses unique sensorless algorithms to accomplish smooth, soft-start operation, reducing stress on the system and extending service life.

Baldor VS1CTD controls are easy to set up because critical motor operational parameters have already been integrated into the firmware, eliminating the need to tune the control to the motor prior to operation.

Also, the drive supports multiple protocols so it can communicate seamlessly with most building automation systems.

Eliminating many of the components of the right-angle geared system, the Baldor RPM AC Cooling Tower Direct Drive Motor is available in either flange mount or foot mount.

The flange mount units are designed to be interchangeable with many popular gearbox bolt hole mounting configurations, making it an ideal solution for cooling tower retrofit applications.

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