Injection Moulder changes moulds with Gorbel crane


Injection moulding.


Changing moulds weighing up to 900 kg’s; 15 times per week.

The Problem:

Using fork trucks proved to be a problem. The trucks could cause damage to the machines and moulds and required a lot of space to move around the work cell.

Product Chosen:

A Free Standing GLCS-FS-2000-28-63-12 Bridge Crane Capacity: 1,000kg.

Benefits of this Product:

The Gorbel Free Standing Working Station Crane offered:

  • A more cost effective and flexible solution that allowed the worker to change the moulds faster and have less damage to the machines.
  • The bridge crane layout allowed them to have more machines serviced by one bridge.
  • The ease of movement and positioning of the bridge made it easier for die change outs.


An alternative was a jib crane. This was not chosen because the company did not want a circular area covered.