Industrial insulation foam brand by Summit Matsu chillers

In the beginning of 2006 Summit Matsu Chillers (Summit Matsu) created their own brand of foil faced industrial insulation foam which is an additional product that they intended to provide to enhance their chilling range that was currently for sale.

Insulation of process water tanks is a key feature in plastics manufacturing because it allows the user to maintain a stable constant temperature. Maintaining a constant temperature in process cooling water goes hand in hand with keeping a stable temperature for tooling dies. Maintaining a constant temperature in tooling dies helps reduce product variability and thus rejection rates by using the same constant temperature it allows for products to be produced in conformity.

The foam produced is available from Summit Matsu Chillers and can be shipped and distributed across Australia.

Summit Matsu Chillers has been using the foil faced industrial insulation foam for years as part of their chiller range because of its unbeatable thermal properties and user friendly aspects. Summit Matsu Chillers made the foam available as an off the shelf product as a result of large customer requests for it. The foam is recognised as the industry standard for chillers, refrigeration, and air conditioning products.

The foam includes various key features and benefits including that it is suitable for all weather use, easy to apply with a peel off backing, industrial grade durability and heavy wear resistance. The benefit of using the industrial insulation foam includes increased reliability, reduction in possible heat loss, increased energy efficiency, and an overall improvement in chiller performance.

The foil faced industrial insulation foam improves and gives the chilling systems additional capabilities all of which are available for purchase from Summit Matsu Chilling Systems.

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