Industrial Company Wins Cross Media Ahead of BMW & Porsche

German industrial specialist igus beat a plethora of high profile consumer-driven companies to receive the Gold Award in the most prestigious category of the 'if’ Awards, the ‘Cross Media’ category.

One of igus’ main distributors in Australia, Mr Mikael Paltoft of Treotham
Automation, says this award is due recognition for an industrial company that has taken great strides in recent years to treat its markets as any top quality consumer company would do.

“To see igus beat contenders such as BMW and Porsche for all aspects of marketing and communication including catalogues, advertisements, flyers, mailings, business cards, internet communications, exhibitions, convention decoration, etc, sets a global landmark for industrial marketing,” said Mr Paltoft.

“What gives the achievement even more status is that the success came through the in-house marketing department – without the assistance of an external advertising agency.

“Certainly, here in Australia our market coverage is made easier by the
plethora of point of sale items, photographs, catalogues, and interactive internet facilities provided by igus.

“In every respect, the company sees no reason why, as an industrial
organisation, it should not support is markets with world class marketing material, systems and image.”

Designers and agencies from all over the world received awards in certain categories; for example, from Korea for LG, from the US for Daimler Chrysler and so on.

The ‘if’ Awards judges wrote the following part of their analysis:
Much has been written and said about Cross Media. People everywhere are interested in integrating communication vertically and horizontally. Everything is supposed to be cast from the same mold, yet avoiding sameness.
Outstanding achievements are still a rarity in this category. But when they occur, they are truly outstanding, as was the case with the gold winning project submitted by the Cologne based igus company, which involved an unusual supremely credible corporate design developed in-house, i.e. without the help of an external agency.