Industrial and Scientific Ceramics from Ceramic Oxide Fabricators

Ceramic Oxide Fabricators manufactures industrial and scientific ceramics sold throughout Australia and the world. Ceramic Oxide Fabricators can handle small one-off custom fabrication for trials and R&D up to large volume repetition manufacturing.

Ceramic Oxide Fabricators’ product range includes wire guides, nozzles, shoulder washers and bearings. Ceramic Oxide Fabricators makes rod, tube and bar in its ceramic extrusion plant.

Uses of Ceramic Oxide Fabricators’ alumina and zirconia ceramics range from high-end audio to fencing wire guides, from sophisticated laboratory analytical equipment to heat exchanger ferrules and from superconductor substrates to acid pipes.


Laboratories in government, universities and industry use Ceramic Oxide Fabricators’ laboratory crucibles, dishes, trays and boats. Ceramic Oxide Fabricators is a one-stop shop for abrasion, corrosion and heat resistant ceramics.