Improving Quality Compliance Methods in the Workplace

The Australian market is yet to see the difference in quality, and the quality control methods used in factories overseas that are producing the Asian imported pallet racking.

One supplier is making headlines as a permanent fixture in the current marketplace, and that is Alpha Racking.

In August 2006, Alpha made a recent journey overseas with the representative of the Engineering Division from Monash University, who is commissioned to complete all of the compliance testing of the Alpha range stock.

The recent visit also marks the first stage for Alpha to gain the recommendation to attain the FEM European Standards. Alpha is hoping to achieve this by 2007. All requirements to achieve this Standard are in the process and it is Alpha’s commitment to the market and the future safety of Australian Pallet Racking.

Alpha Warehouse Solutions is also providing a service to customers for the implementation of traffic management within warehouses to further maintain industry Standards and compliances in accordance with the Australian Standards; and the benefit of OH&S Safety.

Alpha is aware of the need in the market for improved Safety and also supplies a whole range of specialised safety equipment used for picking, conveyors, forklift cameras, and all kinds of tracking devices, labelling, bar- coding, and RFID equipment and experts who can recommend appropriate software and installation to make the set up of a warehouse an easy and complete package.

In the recent market research conducted by Alpha in the set up of the company, it had been noted that in the current market there were large discrepancies in the conformance to installation procedures and features of all existing Australian Pallet racking companies; and that Alpha is considering that it is time to conduct conformance testing in the marketplace.

These changes can only mean more choice for companies who are looking to outfit businesses and better pricing in the whole market. At the end of the day, Alpha is bringing into the Australian market a fresh approach to finding Solutions for consumers and will continue to provide excellent service and quality and a faster return on investment for businesses.