IME adds to its impressive product range

International Measuring Equipment has been appointed the Australian distributor for the professional range of Digi-Pas Digital Levels.

With four models which include a 100mm and 2000 magnetic base level, a clip-on level that has an adjustable clip to fit on any spirit level and the world’s first corner post level, there is an affordable model for every trade.

With accuracy up to .05° and a readout in either degrees or percentage, a hold button and buzzer at 0° or 90° any angle or level can be read accurately and efficiently.

Designed by Ventura Cambridge UK and produced by Digi-Pas in Singapore, these are the latest in digital level technology, and made from impact resistant polymer for hard wear in all environments.

The new range is available at all leading tool and industrial supply outlets and in most instances can be found on an attractive Digi-Pas display rack.

IME has also released the new Imex Bullseye 50 laser distance measurer, a versatile and accurate measurer with straightline, square, cubic and Pythagoras functions.

An easy to use, ergonomic side operating measure button gives better control and accuracy.

Utilising latest laser technology the Imex Bullseye50 is the most efficient and affordable laser measurer available.