How to streamline knurling process

The use of various cooling lubricants is an essential part of any knurling process.

Quick, from Victorian based machinery specialist MTI Qualos, now presents an innovative coolant nozzle, which has been specially developed for A-series knurling tools.

The new, patent-pending coolant nozzle from Quick is setting unprecedented standards in the knurling sector.

This innovative cooling system provides an adequate, even and precise flow of cooling lubricant, thus substantially improving the knurl pattern. A further advantage of this latest achievement is the clear extension of the tool life.

The coolant nozzle’s base plate can be attached to the tool shaft using a simple clamping screw. To ensure that the microchips contained in the coolant are cleaned from the nozzle, the coolant segment can be quickly and easily released from the base plate and replaced as necessary.

The Quick coolant nozzle for A-series knurling tools is available in two versions: one with a slot for FL tools and the other with three adjustable ball nozzles for KF tools.

This Quick coolant nozzle is now standard with all A-series tools and can also be retrofitted.

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