How to stand out from the industry crowd

There’s no doubt that one of the most successful ways to promote products and services to the industrial market is through industry magazines like Industry Update.

Independent research data clearly shows the effectiveness of readership and reach to decision makers within industry.

Given that the vehicle to deliver the message is effective, we need to turn our attention to the message itself to maximise the impact of individual advertisements.

Whilst mere size and position do play a part in visual priority, neither matter if the message is not right.

So what are the criteria to a “right” message impact?

1. Market targeting
Whilst the publication is directed to industry in general, naturally all readers are not interested in all ads and tend to pay attention only to those that catch their eye and target their specific interests. So how do we get their interest? Put yourself in your target market’s shoes – understand their needs and attract their attention with a possible solution or need.

This can be done with words (headline) or pictures, or a combination of both that immediately identifies their industry sector.

2. The offer
Prospective clients are not looking for your name, they are attracted to a solution or new innovation that can assist them to be more productive and/or more profitable… only then do they want to know where to get it!

The captive headline graphic having captured their interest, a short explanation of the benefits must follow. Mind that providing too much information can be detrimental in that the reader can make an uninformed decision based on the ad rather than make contact to seek further clarification.

3. The reason to respond
The USP (Unique Selling Point) has been included in marketing talk forever, however I cannot emphasise how important it is to give the reader a viable reason to respond.

That may be the immediate benefits of the offer put forward. “Why wait … you could be getting the benefits now!”

It could be the offer of a free assessment and report, trade-in opportunity, a discount on mention of the ad (this has a twofold effect by measuring your ad response), free installation, on-site demonstration, testimonials, a free catalogue or any number of fast response incentives. Give them something!

4. Company image
Ad layout, copy style, graphic images and logos create an overall image of your company. Modern, progressive, innovative – or old school – tired, out of touch. You would be amazed how the sign-off image in advertisements can dull the initial interest in the offer.

5. Response, response
So you get all the above right and the enquiries start rolling in. What do you do with them? You deal with any response immediately with a professional, positive and informative strategy for progression to sale.

I am constantly amazed at the money spent on the advertising space within publications without due attention being paid to the creation of the ad and the response strategy.

Treat the publication as an effective message conveyance to your particular target industries and then aim your message fairly and squarely between their eyes.

Get them to the phone, to your website (providing that is strategically presented) or to
an email request for further information at worst.

Remember that your advertisement should only be part of your overall marketing/advertising strategy for presentation of your products /services and company to your potential market.

Finally, I suggest you browse through the pages of Industry Update and see how many ads satisfy the above criteria. Does yours?

* Peter Mellet is principal of Adworks Creative, a company that provides a complete package of design and business concepts, from all forms of printed matter right through to corporate advertising and media productions.

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