How to safely lift and carry thin steel sheets

Finger and other injuries often result when personnel attempt to first separate, then lift, large sheets of steel.

Conventional lifting magnets are often not suitable and electromagnetic systems become large and heavy, using up valuable crane capacity.

Now Serpent and Dove offers a safe, easy to use solution with its patented Mag-Frame Steel Sheet Lifter.

Using shallow-field, high strength laminated pole permanent magnets requiring no electric power, Mag-Frame will lift one sheet at a time from a stack.

It is suitable for steel, including checker-plate or perforated plate, up to 6 mm thick.

A heavy duty model will handle 8 to 10mm sheet. It is most suitable for steel sheet larger than 1.2m wide x 2.4m long and a single Mag-Frame can be up to 6m in length.

The sheet release mechanism can be by manual operation of a conveniently positioned lever, or can be fully automated with pneumatics.

Mag-Frame is lightweight, low profile, simple and safe to use with either an overhead crane or on a forklift.

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