How to move a 22 tonne machine with no sweat

When a Sydney-based company needed to move a 22 tonne computer controlled milling machine (pictured) to a new location they contacted the Sippel Group – experts in moving heavy machinery.

Sippel’s Australian Made Airskatet Air Flotation Load Movement system was used to guide the heavy load out of the old machine shop. It was then transported by road to the client’s new new factory.

In preparation for the move the Sippel team had to remove swarf debris from the new machine shop floor.

Also, the floor had been pre-coated with a rough friction material, requiring the use of lino and power pull by fork-lift up a gradient outside the dock.

The machine was then guided over an undulating floor to its location.

Sippel’s GKS Perfect Jacks were then used to level the machine in its new position.

Sippel has moved all types of machines and loads over the past 30 odd years without personal injury, damage to equipment, factory or floors.

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