How to keep your cool at work

Fanquip has released a new misting fan to rapidly cool the working environment.

The new fan is ideal for production lines, commercial premises and public spaces such as beer gardens and barbecue areas.

The new Coolpower 650 misting fan unit provides a gentle hydro-mist to quickly and positively change a hot and stuffy environment into a more comfortable zone.

Each unit comes complete with a 29L water tank and caster wheels for excellent mobility, while using surprisingly low levels of energy.

It is an ideal solution for areas that cannot be air-conditioned.

Each Coolpower 650 Misting Fan is designed to be relocated as required, therefore allowing varied on-site use.

The effect of a cool, gentle mist swirling through ambient surroundings creates a pleasant environment for people in work areas – something that is strongly advocated by WorkCover Authorities.

Coolpower 650 Misting Fan has an air volume output of 138m3/min and a spray effective distance of up to 10m.

Specifications of the misting fan include:

  • Fan Head Diameter: 650mm
  • Overall Height: 1800mm
  • Net Weight: 28Kg (dry)
  • Water Tank Capacity: 29L
  • Voltage: 240v

Ph: 1800 224 308