How to give your business a winning Edge

Saving time on installation of electrical wiring and ducting saves on the overall cost of the job.

And saving space can also result in cost savings.

Now available in Australia through EC&M Electrical is Edge Corner Wire Duct System.

Edge allows the user to make full use of the corner of a control panel, where cables and wires can be installed — space that’s normally not utilized. The unique ducting system allows installation flush to the corner, with no need for special brackets or clamps.

With the corner panel fixed, the installer then can use one of two sections to provide a depth of either 90 mm or 110mm. These sections allow the user to provide an opening of 40mm or 60mm, respectively. The openings allow access to the wires and cables, when required.

Using the same “L” shaped bottom piece and keeping the same side wall, the user also saves on the need for stocking other ducts, should there be a need to increase the wire fill capacity at some future date.

Edge slotted duct allows the easy insertion of wires or cables at any point this may be required. Extremely strong, easy to transport and assemble, the ducting system comes in useful cross sections of 9000 and 11,050mm2.

Edge ducting systems are manufactured by Canalplast of Italy — who are better known locally for their range of halogen-free slotted ducting.

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