How to convert cardboard into free packaging

Manufacturers, distributors and importers can now recycle cardboard into free packaging with the release of the new HSM ProfiPack 400 from Renz Masterbind.

Built to the highest standards using German engineering, the HSM ProfiPack 400 instantly converts cardboard waste into an interlaced weave pattern that provides excellent packaging material to protect goods in transit.

The HSM ProfiPack 400 quickly pays for itself as it can replace the need for both bubble wrap and foam beads. It can also help users eliminate waste collection costs for discarded cardboard.

Environmentally friendly, the HSM ProfiPack 400 is energy efficient and works hard to help users reduce their carbon footprint.

The interlaced packaging produced by the HSM ProfiPack 400 is highly flexible. It is
non-slip and easy to bend and roll around goods for dispatch.

Remarkably robust and durable, the machine is designed using hardened cutting rollers made from a single piece of metal. The rollers are completely resistant to damage from paper clips and other soft metal items.

The specially hardened perforating rollers and sturdy bearing plates guarantee reliable padding without bending, twisting or catching in the cutting unit to help ensure the equipment’s longevity.

For added convenience, the HSM ProfiPack 400 also features a measuring scale, allowing users to quickly measure the width of the material required.

A powerful tabletop machine, the HSM ProfiPack 400 is portable, compact, flexible and cost effective.

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