How to ‘future-proof’ your business

Australia’s manufacturing sector is well aware of the need to reduce green house gas emissions, provide long-term savings and offset the effects of the proposed carbon tax and consequential increase in energy costs.

The new generation of Schaffner ECOsine broadband passive harmonics filters provide a more efficient utilization of the power capacity of distribution transformers and networks to significantly increase efficiency.

This allows more non-linear load to be connected to the same system or postpone expensive upgrades to the electrical system capacity.

Downsizing of conductors, fuses and circuit breakers is also possible.

The new cutting edge technology and unique topology used in these harmonics filters is the result of two years of intensive research and development by Dr Andrzej Pietkiewicz and his team of Engineers at the Schaffner Innovation Centre in Switzerland.

The new IP20 rated ECOsine FN3410/3412 series of three phase harmonics filters feature light weight, well designed form-factor and very compact dimensions and represent an economic break through in the challenge of harmonic mitigation and compliance to stringent power quality standards such as IEEE-519, AS/NZS61000.3.6 and the Australian Electrical Distribution code.

Other benefits of these new 50/60Hz harmonics filters are that they can be applied to virtually any kind of diode or SCR six pulse rectifier, variable speed motor drive, UPS, electronic welder, battery charger or elevator system to increase equipment reliability and service life.

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