Hot water blaster: big performance – small price

Spitwater Model 10-120H is a commercial quality hot water high pressure cleaner sold at an affordable price.

Designed and built at Spitwater’s Albury manufacturing plant, Spitwater Model 10-120H is 240v powered and has most of the benefits of a large industrial hot water high pressure cleaner in a smaller and easier to use package.

The machine offers 10 L/min of hot or cold water at a massive 1800 psi pressure.

The heart of the machine is the brass headed pump with ceramic pistons – ideal for our water conditions. Nothing that touches water will corrode.

The pump is direct-coupled to a 3 hp, 240v motor which requires a 15amp power outlet, making this a serious cleaning machine.

The machine is manufactured in a locally made zinc-annealed and powder-coated chassis with the Spitwater trademark metal red cover.

Model 10-120H is fitted with a large water cooling tank. This tank acts like a radiator in a car and is designed to allow full, 100 per cent water by-pass in trigger-closed mode.

This is real protection for the machine from pump over-heating. Most other models offer a feed tank but by-pass water back, directly, to pump head.

The Spitwater cooling tank is a genuine by-pass tank with water being drawn from and returned to it when trigger is closed and machine is operating.

To heat pressurised water, the machine is fitted with a 26m long, ½ inch diameter, genuine, seamless, mild steel coil, manufactured at the Spitwater factory.

The coil is fitted to the machine in a horizontal position, allowing cleaner burning, less sooting and longer coil life.

Using chemicals, such as truck wash or degreaser with Model 10-120H is simple – the machine is fitted with an adjustable chemical dispenser venturi and a 5 Litre container.

Model 10-120H is ideal for many commercial applications including small to medium workshops, on-farm use and truck owners.

It is built tough for tough Australian working conditions and will remove heavy dirt and grease with ease.