Hot new infrared thermal imaging system

Ircon, a leader in infrared (IR) non-contact temperature measurement, has launched its new Maxline 2 system.

The new system features a camera link interface supporting multiple thermal imaging
cameras for a variety of automated process control and inspection applications.

The system’s software has a built-in input/output relay and networking capabilities, enabling users to manage multiple processes and communicate with other systems, if needed.

This provides greater interoperability and control.

The Maxline 2 infrared thermal imaging system provides highly efficient and reliable in-line solutions for temperature measurement, thermal monitoring and process inspection in the manufacturing and research fields.

Dedicated Maxline 2 systems are available for specialized applications, such as automated image analysis, fiber-optic preform inspection, and torpedo car inspection.

Each system offers automatic calibration, ambient temperature and motion correction features, providing an accurate and repeatable perspective of process operations.

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