Hot Aussie Made products from Spitwater

With the arrival of winter, workers must stay warm to keep productive.

Australian made Jetfire industrial portable LPG heaters and Spitfire Diesel heaters, provide on the spot heat instantly, without waste and at a very economical running cost.

If you prefer LPG heating, Australian Gas Association (AGA) approved Jetfire LPG heaters are 100 per cent efficient, robust, highly manoeuvrable and safe.

They deliver fan boosted heat output rated from 34 MJ (32,000 Btu) to 378 MJ (360,000 Btu) per hour.

Different models are available offering air flows from 300m³ to 8,000m³ per hour.

Jetfire LPG heaters are ideal for heating warehouses, workshops, garages, factories, exhibition buildings, sport stadiums, bus or airport terminals, hatcheries, piggeries and greenhouses. They can also be used in the earthmoving machinery industry for heating workshops or as a dryer in the agricultural industry for dehydration of products.

These heaters are also ideal for the building industry to reduce the drying time of plaster, concrete, walls and floor coverings and in the crash repair industry for curing of paint after spraying.

For those who prefer diesel fuel, Spitfire Diesel Heaters are ideal for truck and machinery workshops where availability of diesel fuel is good. These clean-burning heaters are also available in a variety of models with fan boosted heat output rated from 50 MJ (48,000 Btu) to 378 MJ (360,000 Btu) per hour and air flows from 300 m³ to 4,000 m³ per hour.

Spitfire diesel heaters are totally self-contained with fuel tanks, which are designed to offer end users between 11 and 15 hours of continuous use between refilling.

Spitfire Diesel heaters are also available in indirect fired versions.

These special heaters are ideal for spray booths, marquees and other similar applications where clean, unpolluted heated air is required.

They have a separate burning chamber offering totally clean, heated air with no naked flame and fumes which are exhausted through a separate outlet.

These special heaters are available in four different models with fan boosted heat output rated from 78 MJ (74,000 Btu) to 294 MJ (280,000 Btu) per hour and air flows from 1,000 m³ to 3,300 m³ per hour.

All heaters are manufactured in the Spitwater’s state-of-the-art factory at Albury in southwest NSW.

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