Hospital laundry solves manual handling problem

Company Profile:

Large central hospital laundry washing tonnes of hospital linen every day.


Loading wet laundry into and out of laundry trolleys.

The Problem:

Industrial laundries move their wet linen in wire trolleys. They have a significant manual handling problem with the repetitive bending and lifting required to shift the wet linen into and out of the trolleys.

Product Chosen:

Safetech Binsert. A Binsert was purchased for each of the hospital's laundry trolleys. The Binsert was then placed in the trolley, which allowed the laundry to be presented to the operator at a safe and convenient height.

Benefits of this Product:

The considerable manual handling risk presented by the need to lift wet linen was largely eliminated.


  • Continue with manual handling the wet linen, which posed an unacceptable health risk.