Hilton vacuums to the rescue

Big clean-up begins after massive Christchurch quake

Residents of Christchurch have begun the big clean-up following the devastating earthquake that rocked NZ’s second largest town in September.

The 7.0-magnitude earthquake caused widespread damage to buildings and roads as well as power cuts.

Chimneys and walls have fallen from older buildings, with roads blocked, traffic lights out and power, gas and water supplies disrupted.

Hundreds of residential, commercial and industrial premises were filled with dust and rubble.

Many contractors and rescue and emergency response personal are involved in a crisis such as this. Hilton industrial vacuum cleaners have been called in to assist with the massive clean-up.

Hilton specializes in hard-wearing, high performance vacuums for tough environments and its machines are built to deal with fine and difficult materials.

“With a cleaning job like this these tools are idea. This cleanup often requires equipment working continuously for 8 hours plus, and with the specialized filtration system the guys can work without stopping” says Director Ben Judge. Hilton’s dual filtration system incorporates the latest cyclonic technologies and boasts the most efficient filtering processes on the market.

The unique design provides maximum separation and minimal maintenance. Filtration built from the highest grade HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arrestor) filter fabric allows maximum airflow while stopping the finest dust particles from getting through.

For a filter to have a HEPA rating it must retain particles to 0.3 microns in size at an efficiency rating of 99.97 per cent.

These filters were developed by the atomic energy commission during World War II to effectively remove radioactive dust from plant exhausts without redistribution.

Since its inception, HEPA filtration has become a requirement for such important applications as cleaning of NASA’s space shuttle cargo bays, asbestos and nuclear hazard cleanup.

Hilton’s HEPA filters, combined with the Unique Air Filter Path technology make Hilton one of the most effective vacuums on the planet for providing consistent suction and highly effective dust removal.

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