High-speed roll doors provide top protection

High-speed roll doors are increasingly used for climate control of work or storage areas, but there is now an increasing need for similar types of doors to provide after hours security as well.

DMF International can supply this solution, from their range of German engineered Efaflex doors.

These doors combine the need for high-speed action, and high frequency of use, with the added benefit of providing a door type, that will keep the premises secure after hours.

The Efaflex SST range comes with either an extruded, double walled aluminium slat, or with the added feature of PU foam filled, giving outstanding security and insulation properties.

The door speeds average about 2.0m/sec, and door designs allow 250,000 cycles of operation per annum. Obviously, doors of this nature require high levels of safety, and
specialized sensors are included to ensure this.

The doors are custom made to size, with a broad range of configurations.

Applications include warehouses, carparks, law courts, security distribution, high wind exposed applications, and coolrooms.

DMF are exclusive agents for Efaflex Australia wide and can provide service Australia wide.

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