High speed doors for conveyors

DMF, a specialist in roll door applications, has succesfully completed a number of projects requiring fast action doors fitted on conveyor systems.

Where there is a need for control of dust, temperature, or security between operational areas, a fast action roll door can be the best solution.

By integrating with the conveyor system, the movement of stock between the two areas can be effectively automated, therefore reducing the loss of conditioned air. This can be achieved primarily using either Photo Electric sensors to determine pallet or stock positioning, or other forms of logic control, that operate the door at the required time to allow the movement of stock.

This system can also be employed for palletisers, creating not only climate control, but also improved safety by the fast action roll door eliminating worker access to the palletiser during operation.

DMF can customise doors to suit all design requirements and provide full service and parts throughout Australia.

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