High speed automated door solutions from DMF

In today’s high speed world more companies are seeking cost effective solutions for busy access areas to provide security and climate control.

The answer is a versatile and functional high speed roll door.

Since the mid ’80s when high speed roll doors were first introduced there has been a growing trend toward these highly efficient doors.

Designs have progressed from non-secure PVC panel doors, to high-speed security doors.

Established more than 40 years ago, DMF is a fully Australian owned company, which
provides solutions for big or small doorways, for climate control and security.

DMF can provide the perfect solution – combining both quality control and personnel

In assessing a doorway, there are a number of points to be considered.

The main points to consider when selecting an automated high speed door are:

What are the elements to be protected against?

This is the first question to ask. It is usually indicative of the main problem to be solved.

Sealing of openings and doorways for control of temperature, dust, vermin, draft, fumes, security, and weather are common reasons.

Some of these problems may have to be addressed to comply with quality control
procedures. Some applications may require control of bird entry, but still require airflow.

The solution in this case is to use a high speed door with an “airflex” panel.

Other applications may require a door that can operate frequently throughout the day, and then to be locked for afterhours security. The DMF/Efaflex doors can provide this.

What is the size of the doorway or opening?

DMF will custom manufacture the high speed door to the size of the opening.

Obviously the opening size will influence the choice of product.

It may be as small as a parcel hatch, or a pedestrian access door, up to a large
warehouse opening of 40sqm.

There are some size limitations with high speed doors, but from its extensive range, DMF can provide a design to suit.

What activation is best for the high speed door application?

To determine the best form of activation for a high speed door, it is necessary to consider the type, size and frequency of traffic flow through the opening.

The ease to which traffic can move through the opening, while maintaining the climate
control is of high importance. Speed and safety is of the essence.

Does the traffic flow consist of forklifts, or hand pallet jacks, or just pedestrians, or road
vehicles? If forklifts, what type of load will they carry, and what is the speed required of them to pass through the opening?

There are many forms of activation available for high speed automated doors, including:

  • Pushbuttons
  • Induction floor loops
  • Motion detectors
  • Light beams
  • Remote control transmitters
  • Swipe cards

The best selection can also depend on the movement of traffic around, but not through
the opening, since unnecessary opening of the door may be counter productive.

What safety features are necessary?

Safety of workers is of high importance.

Standard DMF high speed doors come with a safety light beam within the opening. This
prevents the door from closing if interrupted. A secondary pressure sensitive bottom rail
returns the door back to the open position.

The Efaflex range of security doors features a full light curtain within the opening that is
synchronized to the door blade position. It is highly reactive to any intrusion into the closing space.

Additional safety sensors may include motion sensors for the immediate surrounds of
the doorway, flexible bottom rails for smaller doors with high frequency of pedestrian traffic.

Power failures will render a door inoperable.

If the high speed door is the only egress into an area, consideration should be given on how operators can get out, especially in an emergency situation.

The best form of maintaining access through the door is by a UPS (uninterrupted power
supply). This system will provide a power source to allow the doors to operate fully, and
in a way that the operator knows and expects, which is important in a high stress emergency scenario.

Other forms of emergency opening can include brake lever release, zippers in the door
panel or crank handle opening.

How does the operating environment affect the choice?

DMF can supply doors to many different operating environments, each of which can influence what the most durable product will be.

Bulk freezers, explosive atmospheres, pharmaceutical pressurized cleanrooms, chemical
areas, high dust areas, washdown areas, weather exposed and windy areas, all require modified designs that DMF can provide.

Finally, what is the budget?

DMF can supply the full range of high speed roll control doors to suit your budget. From
the cheapest alternative being the “deadman” controlled auto roll door, to the premium turbo Efaflex doors, a solution can be designed to suit.

When you deal with DMF, you are dealing with a company that can draw upon many years of experience within many industries.

DMF high speed doors are manufactured in Sydney and Melbourne, with service outlets
throughout Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

DMF are exclusive Australian agents for the Efaflex doors from Germany, considered to be the premium door on the international market.

The company exports to more than 20 countries.

Call DMF for a no obligation assessment of your high speed door requirements.

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