High precision plasma cutting system

The Vicon Elite is an extremely rigid, accurate and versatile plasma cutting system.

Features include dual precision worm gear drives with digital motors producing precise movement of the all aluminum tubular gantry.

This, coupled with its sharp crisp motion, produces the most accurate parts that only a plasma system can provide.

The end result is a high quality part with superb edge quality.

The gantry can accommodate multiple stations such as plasma torches, oxy torches, scribing tools and drill heads.

Built in material stops, clean out doors, and a machine status panel are just a few of the well thought out machine features that provide trouble free operation and optimum performance for years to come.

The Vicon Elite, from Power Machinery, comes with a Standard 5’ X 10’ cutting area with options for up to 10’ X 40’ cutting area to accommodate various shop requirements.

High-tech, precision dual linear guiding and worm gear drives with digital motors produce precise movement of the machined “solid as a rock” gantry. This results in uncommonly precise cuts and superior round holes.

The sharp, crisp gantry motion coupled with the rigid, heavy-duty table is designed to achieve the tightest tolerances.

This machine also has high-speed dual drives enable traversing speeds in excess of 2000 rpm while continuing to provide maximum torch cutting speeds
“The state-of-the-art proximity switches, customised table stops, and fibre optic communication cables allow for easy diagnostics, trouble free operation, and optimum performance for the life of the machine,” says Power Machinery Managing Director Ken Christensen.

“And solid-state controls and digital drives ensure fast response time and precise motion and the fibre-optic communication is the most up-to-date way to ensure reliability, he says. Solid-state proximity sensors are non-contact keeping them wear free.”

The automatic exhaust signal saves energy costs. Also, you no longer have to worry about forgetting to turn the exhaust on.

And the automatic torch lift allows for high speed traversing between cut parts.

“The Vicon Elite incorporates your choice of electronic torch height control, which maintains a precise cutting height of the torch during the piercing and cutting cycles to further enhance cut quality, says Mr Christensen.

“A collision protection device is also added to protect your torch investment from damage in the event of collision with the material.

“The Elite is an extremely rigid, accurate and versatile system for cutting a variety of aluminium shapes and sizes.”

Power Machinery
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