High performance technology from Taylor Hobson

UK based industry leader Taylor Hobson, has released the Talyrond XL, a high-precision roundness and cylindricity measurement system for large diameter and large radial-swing components.

Conventional roundness instruments have limited diameter measurement capabilities
that typically range from 350 to 550mm.

The Talyrond XL, however, can measure components with diameters up to 1000mm.

It can also be used to measure non-symmetrical components as well.

Key to its performance is a vertical column that sits on precision-bearing rails and can
be adjusted and fixed in the radial direction to suit the diameter of the component under test.

The system’s high-resolution inductive gauge is attached to a radial arm with 300mm
of travel that allows the operator to cover a large range of diameters with full automation.

The highly versatile Talyrond XL has applications in a wide range of industries from precision bearings manufacture to aerospace and power train component fabrication.

Established in 1954, Taylor Hobson is an acknowledged leader in roundness measurement systems for applications ranging from small fuel injector components
to large truck and marine engines.

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