High performance industrial door

THE RapidRoll 3000 exterior door from Albany Door Systems claims to be the fastest high speed rolling metal door on the market, offering enhanced security with operational savings.

It features durable double-walled anodised aluminium slats. Optional slat configurations include windows, ventilated, or insulated.

Advantages include:

* Patented DiscDrive Technology -- results in no contact and no friction as the metal door slats wind onto the top roll. This eliminates excessive wear, vibration and noise in high-cycle door operations.

* Low maintenance -- the Albany Nomafa RapidRoll 3000 has fewer moving parts than other high speed rolling doors. No hinges, wheels or rollers that can be expensive to replace.

* Fast opening and closing speeds -- saves on utility costs by reducing loss of heating and cooling energy within temperature controlled environments.

* Contactless Safety Edge -- detects an object in the door path and reverses the door before the bottom edge can make contact with equipment, vehicles or personnel.


High-cycle and high traffic areas where operational reliability is critical and security/access control is a primary requirement.


The door curtain is made of single aluminium profiles, each hingelessly connected by means of flexible high performance tension elements. All panels are isolated from each other reducing noise and wear. The side frames and crossbars are galvanised steel. All side frames elements are pre-mounted as well as the top roll with the curtain (profiles).

Door curtain/curtain tension

The door curtain consists of anodised aluminium profiles. Each profile is separately fixed and simple and fast to replace. A constant door curtain tension caters for a smooth and steady movement.

Drive unit

Normally right hand, left hand available.

Control box

Standard ACS 80. A 5000mm control cable is supplied with the box.

Safety features

This door conforms with the regulations of the Workplace Directive of the UW as well as the harmonised CE Guidelines including the prEN 13241.

Indication of risks

The security of the door is designed for the normal use of vehicles corresponding to the harmonised CE-Guidelines. In consideration of the situation on site - especially in case of the use by pedestrians - additional security measures or impulse activators may be necessary.

Manual activation

In the event of a power failure, the door can be opened by releasing the brake manually. Depending on the width/height ratio the door opens partly by means of the pre-stressed tension springs.