High-density storage solutions for industry from BAC Systems

The latest range of BAC High-Density Drawer Storage Cabinets attracted great interest at the recent National Manufacturing Week 2011 exhibition in Melbourne.

After 34 years in workshops and warehouses, the BAC Drawer Cabinet is still a popular choice for durable and efficient High-Density Storage.

A highlight at NMW2011 was the BAC Codelock keyless system, a recent innovation for BAC Drawer Cabinets.

Visitors were impressed by the simplicity, functionality and compact nature of the BAC Codelock, which removes the need for keys in workshops and storerooms.

The BAC Codelock is a fully integrated option for all BAC High-Density Drawer Storage Cabinets, for use in all storage and workshop applications.

A BAC High-Density Drawer Storage Cabinet plays a pivotal role in helping maximise efficiency in the modern workshop and warehouse.

In the past, people would automatically source shelving for their storage needs. But the modern solution incorporates BAC Drawers because drawers allow items to be effectively stored in three-dimensions.

Three-Dimensional Storage means utilising the whole width, depth and height of the cabinet, while still permitting easy access to the items stored at the rear.

BAC Drawer Cabinets are modular and the drawers can be configured to suit the particular storage needs of the customer.

All BAC Systems Drawer Storage Cabinets, workbenches, racking and tool trolleys are manufactured from the highest-grade materials.

Based in western Sydney, all BAC Systems products are 100 per cent Australian made and are built to withstand the most rugged of Australian conditions.

BAC Systems customers can be confident they are supporting a true Australian product.

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